Ferrari FF Especially Chocolate for German

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Friday | 8:43 AM

ROMA - If you imagine a Ferrari car passing in front of us, we would imagine elegant red car with a luxurious and elegant.

But what would happen if the Italian manufacturer Ferrari released berkelir chocolate? Surely it will feel strange not. But it really happened as Ferrari prepare this model for the market of course.

As in reports by autoevolution, chocolate Ferrari is only marketed in Germany precisely Starnberg city.

If you see a brown Ferrari is perhaps most automotive enthusiasts think this is a very bad car but Ferrari is actually brown like a breath of fresh air among the cars Ferrari red colored.

At the Ferrari car's interior is entirely using the color brown, but the leather upholstery used on Ferrari tan leather is the same as that used on the seat-red Ferrari car seat that looks soft and elegant.

To have a brown Ferrari FF is you have to spend enough in the approximately 223 361 Euro


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