luxury car Ferrari Enzo in Indonesia

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In between 100 and Ferrari owners in Indonesia, 40 people joined Ferrari Owner's Club of Indonesia (foci). Type the most expensive is the Ferrari Enzo. They cost more than Rp 13 billion. In Indonesia, carrying only two people who have that type of Ferrari. 

 ''Sales of sports cars such as Ferrari is very prospective in Indonesia,''said Irmawan Poedjoadi, president director of PT Citra Langgeng Automotive (CLO), dealers and sole distributor of Ferrari-Maserati in Indonesia.

selling premium sports car is relatively safe because its sales figures are not disturbed economic conditions are not conducive. With a fairly high sales figures like that, it sure dealers and sole distributor in Indonesia could continue to receive allocation of delivery of the Italian manufacturer Ferrari. 

Ruhut Sitompul, former president of the Ferrari Owner's Club Indonesia, revealed that Ferrari enthusiasts and owners in Indonesia is quite a lot. He recounts, in 2005, members of the foci that in fact people of Jakarta and Bandung only 17 people. ''It is now 40 people,''he said. 

Currently, all variants of Ferrari has been in Indonesia. Starting F430, F430 Spider, Fiorano 599 GTB, 612 Scaglietti, to the Enzo Ferrari. ''In Indonesia, the owner of the Enzo was just two people. But, not the mention. 

Multiple Ferrari owner's name is no stranger again the already exposed, among others, the lawyers like Hotma Sitompul and Hotman Paris Hutapea. Ruhut declined to say how many units of the Ferrari that he had. The reason is fear of being labeled unethical and arrogant.


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