BMW 320i Auto show in paris

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Tuesday | 8:55 AM

At the Paris Auto Show (2008 Paris Mondial De L'Automobile) on October 2, 2008, the BMW 320d Coupe 2009 on the screen that carries the latest in engineering their EfficientDynamics. BMW has managed to extract the power, efficiency and low CO2 output of high precision injection diesel engine 320d. 

The new 320d Sedan BMW uses 3rd generation common rail diesel 4-cylinder engine is rated at 130 kW (177 hp) and speed Coupe at an impressive zero to 100 km / h (62 mph) time of 7.9 seconds. Maximum torque is 350 Nm and the engine is achieved at 1750-3000 rpm power band. 

For BMW, Efficient Dynamics branding them means breaking the barrier engineered for efficiency, while still providing acceleration and overall driving pleasure. The 2009 BMW 320d Coupe gets 4.8 l/100 km out of ordinary (49 U.S. MPG / 58.9 Imp MPG) on the EU test cycle and mixed vehicle strong enough, emits 128 g CO2/km respectable. On the highway (road), 2009 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Sedan can ahieve as much as 4.1 km l/100 (57.4 U.S. MPG / 68.9 Imp MPG) when driven with caution. 

To improve the efficiency of the vehicle, BMW also put low rolling resistance tires, optimum shift indicator, a diesel particulate filter that meets EU5 emission requirements, and reduced overall vehicle weight by concentrating on lightweight construction. Although not very efficient in this mode, the speed of the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Coupe is 232 km / h (145 mph).


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