Subaru WRX Turbo Use Electricity?

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Saturday | 5:25 PM

Subaru car manufacturers continue to innovate in developing new technologies. Recently it was rumored that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing an electric turbo which will be pinned on the Subaru WRX.

During this feature is known as turbo-booster energy efficient enough yet to make wasteful of fuel. With the creation of an electric turbo engine is expected to get more power supply but still frugal fuel consumption.

The workings of an electric turbo is pretty appealing. Because the heat energy and pressure from the engine through the exhaust used to generate electricity and activate turbo.

Reported by Autoblog, this method is claimed to be a revolutionary step that could create more optimal power and minimize the turbo lag that occurs at low rpm.

Later, this electric turbo will be paired with 1.6-liter boxer engine Subaru's WRX. The plan of this new technology will be introduced next year


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