Mercedes S-Class Use 9-Speed ​​Transmission

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Wednesday | 1:08 AM

STUTTGART - Mercedes-Benz really prepare for new S-Class variants with a myriad of advantages. in addition to the new security system, the S-Class will also put new transmission system.

Features that are embedded in the S-Class is one Braking Bag. This feature is located on the front axle, to assist the braking system when the car must brake suddenly.

But it is not the main feature. Mercedes will install nine-speed automatic transmission system on the S-Class variants will be out of production in late 2012.

Previously, this German manufacturer had indicated that the nine-speed automatic transmission will only be pinned in his car, big engine capacity. Reportedly, the transmission will also be attached to the S-Class rear-wheel drive type, type all-wheel drive and also in hybrid models.

Mercedes believes, nine perceparan transmission is the maximum number of transmission ratios that are technically possible to apply to smaller vehicles. Mercy nine transmission rate of acceleration is more accepted by consumers.

Inauguration of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is planned in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2013, in March.


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