Honda NSX New for sale Three Years After

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Tuesday | 3:10 AM

Takanobu Ito president of Honda NSX Honda expects can be sold within three years. Takanobu also expect from Honda supercar can perform in the race.

Honda eventually re-enter with the concept after the spawn all the NSX supercar. This is the first time Honda NSX back out after seven years of not producing supercars two passengers.

"NSX will be the highest expression of the synergy between man and machine. The development of this car made ​​the U.S., and will be sold globally in the next three years. NSX is a car with racing performance and may be performed in the arena of race," said Ito in his speech in Detroit motor Show 2012.

Honda NSX has been designing since 2005. New NSX result is not only a super machine, but also environmentally friendly engines and has good fuel efficiency.

Honda NSX engine experts scored by retaining the layout of the machine, then use the extensive features and aluminum and other lightweight materials such as carbonfibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP).

Honda NSX uses a V6 engine driving the rear wheels, with small twin motors for each wheel in front. From the results of horsepower, the NSX may lag behind other European supercars


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