Lexus GS-F will Gliding in 2012

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Saturday | 7:01 AM

Eyes fixed on the world automotive lovers Lexus LF-Gh at the auto show concept in New York. All agreed that this is a model of the Lexus GS in the future, with kosnep hybrid.

GS-F sedan is probably not the same as the Lexus LFA V10 552 hp, 4.8 liter. It is estimated that production costs far greater half the price of LFA. The answer is most fitting for the engine capacity is 5.0 liter 416 hp V8 in the IS-F.

Lexus is not focused on performance, as the IS-F luxury division of Toyota is still necessary in addition to the performance of the car. This Japanese manufacturer chose not to view a preview version of the 2012 GS based on performance. Instead, the LF-Gh hybrid concept will be shown in New York.

With the new concept, Lexus trying to redefine what they call the L series, the design philosophy of existing luxury brands since 2001. LED lamps are unique and independent L-shaped LEDs create a new hybrid sedan face. Grill depam appear with wide model and seemed frightening with the help of the dark glass windows.

"Although only a concept, the LF-Gh we hope will resonate with customers around the world. It communicates our intention to once again promote the idea of a Lexus luxury face in the coming years," general manager of the Lexus division designs Kengo Matsumoto.


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