Power Mitsubishi Pajero Sport More sophisticated

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Friday | 12:43 PM

Although the old machines had counted Pajero Sport has tremendous power, but many consumers who want more power. And to meet the wishes of consumers, PT Krama Judah Three Diamonds (KTB) as the holder of the Mitsubishi brand in Indonesia are planning to bring the latest machines.
"With a powerful 136 PS engine only big energy consumers have been told, but apparently there are some consumers who want higher. For that we brought this machine," explains Marketing Director of KTB Eiichi Operating Koito, in Jakarta.

Interestingly, the latest diesel engines are ready applied by Mitsubishi has the same capacity with the engine which is currently applied in the Pajero Sport. But for power, this new machine is much bigger than that now exists.

This can happen because Mitsubishi continues to develop towards the machine. For the new engine, Mitsubishi uses Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT), so as to provide maximum torque at any rpm range it.

As a result, when the old machines only have power by 136 PS, the new machine, named DI-D High Power is strength increased to 178 PS.

Actually, many consumers who want big power with a cc that is also greater, but for SUVs in Indonesia, if above 2,500 cc taxes could rise to 20 percent, therefore we choose this engine, same cc, but greater strength, "said Director of Marketing PT Krama Yudha Three Berlian Motors (KTB) Rizwan Alam

This new machine will not replace the old machine, but it will be the choice for consumers who want big power. Presents  Soon we will, for the price difference, we just wait," he said.


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