Presents BMW M3 type pick up in Germani

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Thursday | 1:44 AM

German carmaker BMW is generally only produce sedans and sport utility vehicle (SUV), but BMW is rumored to soon release a kind of sedan-based pickup.

The existence of this pickup BMW is not just gossip, because some time ago The cameraman caught the moment where the BMW M3 pickup tested at the circuit Nurburgring, Germany.

Although there was no notification about the innards of this pickup BMW M3, but it is expected this car will carry the 4,000 cc V8 engine which can give off power to 414 hp.

BMW pickup was seen circling the testing circuit along 18 kilometers. However, there is no clarity whether the test was done by BMW or an independent tuner.

Clearly visible are two men in it racing-style dress complete with clothes and half face helmet.

However, news that was widely called the car would be brought to the mat Essen Motor Show 2011 which took place on 26 November to 4 December.

 But most likely this car deliberately made BMW to the internal and not sold freely. Whatever the rumors and utilization, which obviously BMW pickup looks very unique.  


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