Mitsubishi will Expands Production to the U.S.

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Monday | 10:26 AM

Japanese Cars Mitsubishi announced this Friday that they will expand production at the plant in the U.S.. Mitsubishi Outlander also start producing 50,000 sport crossover mid-2012.

As quoted by AFP, the company first started production of vehicles in the land of Uncle Sam in 1988 through a joint venture with Chrysler. Chrysler stopped producing the vehicle a few years ago and his fate was questionable

Mitsubishi says with an investment of  USD 45,000,000 is now strengthening its commitment to the U.S. market. and sales increased four percent last year to 55,000 vehicles.

"With the new model, the plan will have a better utilization, and of course we will see an increase in efficiency when we eventually consolidate to a single model with higher production volumes," said the president of Mitsubishi Motors North America president Shinichi Kurihara.

Kurihara estimates that about half of the Outlanders were produced to be exported, mainly to America and the Middle East.


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