Jaguar XJ type issued in the UK 2010

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Jaguar clearly synonymous with luxury car-blooded aristocrat. The title above may raise questions for those who do not follow the news about this British manufacturer. That is about the ownership of Jaguar which is now held by the Indian company, Tata Motors Ltd.

Anyway, the New XJ had a warm conversation amongst the automotive world as bold designs that are beyond the design point for this Jaguar. When the old XJ Jaguar still has the genes from the previous era, the Jaguar X351 coded MK4 is changed completely.

Ian Callum, the designer took a few strokes of the XF, although not much. No less interesting is the design of the stern of the brave. In addition to look longer trunk, LED lights that adorn the back makes it look more luxurious.

A side window from pillar to pillar C has a design like a drop of water, plus a sloping roof that was inspired by XJ 1968. While the front face followed the modern Jaguar design language with a large grille lights narrowed and typical Jaguar, the XK and XF.

And short overhangs make the New XJ Long stern look very long. In fact, the long dimension of the new XJ has reached 5247 mm for the long wheelbase version that will be offered to the Indonesian market. The dimensions of this car is coded X351 157 mm longer than its predecessor, while adrift axle 123 mm to 3157 mm.
Skip to the cabin, luxury Jaguar standards obtained during the course of this. Not only thanks to a comfortable bench, but the XJ decorated with several features. Call it the Dual-View Technology on the touch screen in the middle, and Hard Disc Drive to store files of entertainment. It's only a couple of the features found on the New XJ.

The type that will be presented in Indonesia, according to information from his car manufacturers, PT Grandauto Dynamics, is the XJ LWB 5.0. Ie 5000 cc V8 engine which produces power to 385 hp. This machine is able to push XJ reach 100 km / h within 5.7 seconds from rest. Meanwhile, Jaguar claims about the toll of consumption is 12,2 km / liter.


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