Daihatsu production Back Charade

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Thursday | 10:37 PM

Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu intend to bring back its flagship hatchback Daihatsu Charade.

But it seems the latest model of the Charade will have a similar appearance to the Toyota Yaris.

The plan, the car will be positioned below the Toyota Yaris and will have a selling price of 15.050 euros.

This new Charade will only be available in a choice of engines, namely a capacity of 1300 cc is capable of generating power up to 99 Hp.

The machine will then be combined with six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmsisi. With such a small engine capacity, Charade claimed fuel economy and low emissions.

Evident from the results of tests, the car is able to drink as much as 23.5 liters of gasoline to travel 100 km.

Reportedly the presence of this new Charade will accompany the presence of both versions of the Toyota Yaris latest version of the conventional and hybrid engines.Toyota's newest car production will be performed on the mat Geneva Auto Show which will take place early next March.  


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