Indonesia Targets Sales of 2-fold for Audi cars

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Saturday | 9:29 AM

PT. Garuda Mataram Motor (GMM), the holder of the Audi brand in Indonesia managed to record sales of 200 units.

But in the midst of national economic growth rate is improving, GMM is optimistic that its sales in 2011 will achieve the two-fold compared with the year 2010.
German car manufacturer is also using the Audi sales growth momentum in the world to achieve an increase of 15 per cent by 2010 reached 1.0924 million units.
"We are targeting sales this year doubled from the previous year of which 200 units to 400 units," said Imelda Muhidin General Manager of PT Garuda Mataram Motor Okezone met while at the Audi Lounge, Plaza Indonesia.
For these targets mencapi PT GMM is said to have had its own strategy. "Starting in 2011, after-sales service will be valid for up to three years of which only 2 years earlier.
In addition to A4, Audi A6 is also a whiz GMM to capture the premium sedan segment in Indonesia. "A6 has won the first position for three consecutive times by DEKRA, an organization in Germany that specialized in vehicle inspection, testing experts, certification, environmental protection, and qualification.


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