Honda Jazz Version Ready to Launch in March 2011 Moon Station Wagon

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Thursday | 5:54 PM

Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, reportedly is planning to bring the latest models of their flagship product Fit, or which in Indonesia is called jazz.

Uniquely this latest model is not present in the form hactcback as before, but the change in the form of a station wagon.

From a brochure image leaked on the Internet, looking car that will have the name Fit Shuttle has a body that is longer than the Fit hatchback.

In addition, cars that still use the Fit platform has the distinction which lies at a higher roofline, and a redesigned rear section.

As seen in the image brochure, the front face of this car is very mitip with Fit or Jazz in circulation now.Possible Shuttle Fit will be offered in two versions.

One version of the Hybrid technology supported by IMA are supported by i-VTEC engine 1300 cc, the same as that used by the version hactchback. Meanwhile, another one will digerakkakn by a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc.

According to some media in Japan, Shuttle Fit will be introduced in the country that the sun rises in the next few weeks. While sales will begin in March 2011.


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