Will Lexus rival BMW in TOKYO

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Sunday | 5:49 PM


Lexus premium brand crept up as the most exalted. Toyota's luxury brandof automatically becomes a serious threat to BMW.

The ambition of the Japanese manufacturer of high-ranking brands in order to crush other luxury cars more visible when they set up a line of brand-newcars that will soon appear on the market.

"In addition to replace the models that already exist with the new generation,Lexus will also go into entry-level segment through CT 200h hybridhatchback," wrote Thaiautomaxx,

BMW 3 Series as the flagship compact sedan that German manufacturersare also ready to be silenced by the presence of new Lexus IS. This brand-new models will be redesigned using the GS platform.
If you want a sedan with a higher prestige, Lexus LS also has the latest. This model is designed with gadgets and safety features the most completeclass plus a premium blend material for comfort cabin sector.

BMW Z4 proud? Wait a minute! Because Lexus is also preparing LFA.High-performance car is clearly not the BMW roadster class. The plan LFAroadster will go on sale in January 2014.
For class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), type RX and GX Lexus become a new weapon that is prepared in order to beat the BMW X Series.Moreover, the reliability of Toyota's SUV class capital so important presence of theseluxury cars.


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